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Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Rented Out This Gorgeous Italian Villa For A Cool $21k A Night!

What’s it like to live a life of extreme luxury? Well, uh, it appears to be pretty dang awesome. Taylor Swift recently had a tour stop in Paris, and to celebrate after, she and her NFL boo Travis Kelce jetted off to Italy.

They had themselves a secret romantic getaway at the Villa Sola Cabiati, which is located right next to the beautiful Lake Como. The private villa has six bedrooms and reportedly costs $21k a night. They stayed there for three nights, so they dropped over $60k on this vacation.

What did they get for all that cash? A lot.

The private villa has a pool, beautiful gardens, a butler, housekeepers, private chef, and so much more.

The ceilings are adorned with ‘immaculately-preserved frescoes’ and ‘hand-crafted Murano chandeliers”’while the walls are lined with ‘museum-quality paintings.’ The home — which still features ‘its original, exquisite terrazzo floors’ — used to belong to the Dukes of Serbelloni and it ‘remains full of period heirlooms and artwork — including the bed in which Napoleon and Joséphine Bonaparte slept when they visited the Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan.’

At one point during their stay, a creep was able to photograph them enjoying a romantic dinner on the property.

How sweet! It looks like they’re still going strong. I’m pretty sure most couples would get along if they had over a billion dollars and could travel the world.