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San Diego Police Officer Resigns After Locking Himself In Back Of Patrol Car While Having Sex With Criminal

Well, this might be the most embarrassing police footage we’ve ever seen. The San Diego police department has finally released the findings from a shameful investigation into one of their officers last August.

The officer in question, Anthony Hair, arrested a woman on suspected car theft charges. He had on his body cam while transporting the woman to a local jail in the city, but during the ride, the woman asked if he was married or single. She then said, “I’m down to f**k right now.”

Hair responded by saying she shouldn’t say things like that and reminded her that his body cam footage was filming everything. But then just a few minutes later, his penis brain took over.

He switched off his body camera, and then drove down a dark residential road. The GPS tracker on the cruiser noted he came to a complete stop.

About 20 minutes later, Hair radioed another officer requesting the master key for all patrol cars. That officer was later questioned by Internal Affairs investigators, telling them Hair was panicked as he confessed to being locked in the back of his patrol car with the woman.

A supervisor eventually responded to the scene nearly an hour later. Hair claimed at the time that he was simply checking on the woman when the door accidentally shut behind him. He also claimed his bodycam got knocked off somehow.

The suspect told investigators she didn’t have sex with the officer, but investigators tested Hair’s clothes for semen and found traces of it on his belt. He resigned from the force just one month later.