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Andy Cohen Admits He’s Waiting For The Thing That Will Cancel Him To Resurface

Bravo‘ icon Andy Cohen has been hit with multiple allegations this past year and even a couple of lawsuits. Nothing in the lawsuits have been too damaging, mostly just painting him as a pretty insensitive/party-hard type boss.

But still, the 55-year-old host is waiting for the other shoe to drop, and worst of all? He can’t even remember if there is another shoe.

During a Vulture profile published this week, Cohen revealed…

Sometimes at night I’ll be in bed and I’ll think, ‘Huh, did I say something?’ I’m always waiting for the thing that’s going to make it all fall down. You have to be smart about what you say because there’s no nuance anymore. People are just waiting to be outraged by every little thing.

We’ll have to see what comes out of the closet, but for right now, he appears to be okay. Back in March, ex-‘Real Housewives of New York City‘ star Leah McSweeney filed a lengthy lawsuit against Cohen, accusing him of offering cocaine to “certain talent” and playing favorites.

McSweeney, 41, also alleged that Cohen and Bravo had preyed on her alcohol issues in an attempt to generate good ratings and even facilitated a work environment that turned a blind eye to sexually predatory behavior.

Cohen has denied the allegations, but it’s clear he’s worried there’s something out there that might sink him. Honestly, I don’t think he’d be this worried about it if there wasn’t something else out there.

What could it be?