Katharine McPhee is taking her talents to NBC, uses “The Voice” to promote “Smash” [video]

[sam id=”5″ codes=”true”]If you tuned into the “The Voice” last night you were a little confused to see Katharine McPhee!  Who? What?  Am I watching the right channel? 

(For those who are like, “Who the hell is Katharine McPhee?”  She’s the 2002, Season 5 –  American Idol Runner-up)

The Voice is American’ Idol’s worse nightmare. It’s fresh, edgy and something new, on top of being a Mark Burnett production.   Why is Katharine McPhee making an appearance?

Well Promotion of course.  McPhee has jumped to the dark side.  She pulled a Labron, “She’s taking her talents to NBC”. 

Riding the recent success of “The Voice” and song based shows like “Glee”, Katharine will be staring in a show called “Smash”; as in a Smash hit. 

The show will debut in 2012 and McPhee will be playing one of the main character roles as Karen.  It’s a fairytale journey of a young girl from the Midwest who moves to NY to take her shot on Broadway. 

This is no small time production – Let the name dropping begin.  Ajelica Huston & Debra Messing will also have roles not to mention its being produced by Mr. Steven Spielberg. 

Messing & Huston

Out of the gate, everyone is comparing “Smash” to Glee, but from the preview, I’m not too sure.  I think there will be a lot of signing, but it appears to have much more substance, and be much more dramatic. 

It’s a musical about creating a musical.  I think the concept is genius and the timing is right.  It all comes down to execution.  With Steven Spielberg producing, I think the execution part of things is pretty safe. 

Here is the promo video – do you think Smash will be like Glee? 

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