Alex Trebek’s hotel robbery Part II

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Alex Trebek’s hotel robbery Part II

When we last left this story, a women had gotten away with the goods, Alex was injured and on the ground, and on crutches the next day.

The mystery women is Lucinda Moyers, and according to her wrap sheet, this crime is her third which would put he to 25 years in jail.   She’s been twice convicted of burglary and this is the charm.  The third time.

 News Flash: Lucinda – you are not a good crook.  Get a real job.

Fully aware of the three strike rule Lucinda pleaded to the court:

“I’m facing a life sentence. I’m never going to see life again outside if I’m found guilty.”

Despite Alex Trebeks feable attempt to catch Moyers, she was caught before she got out of the San Fransiciso hotel.  The stolen items were reported to be recovered near the ice machine….that’s hilarious.

She is due back in court on August 15th

“I wish I had never gone up there,”

she reportedly said.

No S**T I say.