August 13th, 2011- CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS

Celebrity Birthdays, Past and Present, August 13th (b. followed by date means celebrity is now deceased)

Alfred Hitchcock, British-born film director, b.1899

Melvin Frank, American film director, writer and producer, b.1913

Fidel Castro, Cuban President, 85

Don Ho, Hawaiian singer, b.1930

Jocelyn Elders, American physician, 15th Surgeon General of the United States, 78

Dan Fogelberg, American singer/songwriter, b. 1951

Herb Ritts, American photographer, b,1952

Danny Bonaduce, American actor and radio personality, 52

John Slattery, American actor, 49

Debi Mazar, American actress, 47

Deborah Falconer, American model and actress, 46

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