Johnny Depp’s Tonto Character and The Lone Ranger Movie get Scrapped by Disney

Johnny Depp’s quest to play Tonto has been put on hold….maybe permanently.  Gore Verbinski has refused to compromise on his vision for the franchise, therefore Disney is scrapping the project.  This had the potential to be very lucrative as Jerry Bruckheimer was backing this as well. The Verbinski / Bruckheimer combination has worked for the Pirates franchise so success on The Lone Ranger was almost guaranteed.

Disney wanted Bruckheimer and Gore to tone down their projected spend on the film  a move that is speculated by a highly anticipated Cowboys & Aliens chugging along at the box office.  When Depp was announced as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger, the project started to pick up some momentum, then just like that, the bottom fell out.

It was a surprise to everyone involved.  It sounds to me like typical Hollywood bulls**t.  An insider told The Hollywood Reporter,

“Gore doesn’t want to budge for what he thinks a movie like this needs,”

This movie has been on the table since 2008, and now it’s on the floor!  Disney might also be a little gun shy as they have $250 million dollars tied up into John Carter, a movie about a man who lives on Mars staring Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins from Friday Night Light).

The movie is said to have multiple parts….ok I think we need a trailer for this one.  $250 million is a lot of money on Taylor Kitsch, who is not an actor you built a franchise around.

…….stopping to watch the trailer………SMH in disbelief……returning to finish this post……..

Wow!  All I’m saying is that this looks like a bad bet.  If they don’t promote the hellout of this, you can kiss that 250 million good bye.

For Depp fans, you won’t be Deppless too long. He’s got a vampire movie in the works “Dark Shadows” and just finished another film called “The Rum Diaries”.  Johnny stays working.

Ok, now you get to watch the trailer…..doesn’t really get me excited, how about you?



 …The John Carter Trailer is below……

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