The Forbes’ “Entertainment’s Highest-Paid Men”Top Ten List…with no Scrolling!


The list is below, I just hate the Forbe’s page because you have to click through each freakin picture!!

No, Say it isn’t sooo!!

Tyler Perry is on top of the Forbes’ “Entertainment’s Highest-Paid Men” list.

As much as I hate T.P. my hat has to be tipped to his earnings.  $130 million is a lot of loot. 

The part that cracks me up is the shows that I hate the most they list as “huge moneymakers”. 

“Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne” are pure buffoonery, and I have yet been able to sit through a “Madea” anything.  Madea is like the black, female, drag version of Ernest (R.I.P.). Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Jail……pure buffoonery!!

Coming in at number two is Jerry Bruckheimer, who’s probably banging his head against the wall.  That’s like “Madea Goes to Jail” beating “Pirates of the Caribbean”  at the box office.  Bruckheimer would hang himself (and Johnny Depp) if that happened. 

The coveted third spot goes to Steven Spielberg who is always leading the charge on this list.  Coming in with a cool $107 milli. 

Never in a million years would you think Tyler Perry would beat out Bruckheimer and Spielberg, but then again, we have a black president, General Motors went Bankrupt,  and Tiger Woods is number 44 in the World Golf Rankings.

…And speaking of Tiger, despite not winning, despite the injuries he still stumbles into our Top 10 list s Number 10.  Now if only he can get his World Golf Rankings in the top 10 he will be fine.

The complete list is below the jump…..enjoy.

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1. Tyler Perry – 130 million dollars

2. Jerry Bruckheimer – 113 million dollars

3.Steven Spielberg – 107 million dollars

4. Elton John – 100 million dollars

5. Simon Cowell – 90 million dollars

6. James Patterson – 84 million dollars

7. Dr Phil McGraw – 80 million dollars

8.Howard Stern – 76 million dollars

9.Leo DiCaprio – 77 million dollars

10.Tiger Woods – 75 million dollars