Angela Simmons goes Nude for PETA & Pics Look HOT!

Let this be a lesson to you girls…with the right connections, photographer and touch up artist, you too can be a super model.

I’m not saying that Angela Simmons isn’t good lookin’ but these photos make her look hot!  I never considered her “hot” (she looked too much like Run), she was the other sister, not the hot sister.  In fact, I still don’t consider her “hot” but these photos she took for PETA are flawless.

I’m not sure how the Rev felt about her posing nude for PETA but after seeing these pics, Rev Run, has to admit, they are very tastefully done.

The photos are Titled Eating Meat Is A Sin: Go Vegetarian.  Angela is portrayed as Eve, the biblical Eve.

Along with the PETA photos, Angela also filmed a snippet explaining why she did the photo shoot.  Her Reasons she says,

‘Animals have feelings and I think it’s important to know what happens to them,”

‘I don’t want to cause any controversy—I guess it’s weird that someone’s naked, but you don’t really see anything! I want to open people’s eyes up….and if this is where I can find my niche to help, I want to help.’

Inspired by Russell Simmons, her Uncle she is enjoying the Vegan lifestyle.

‘I’m happy with it. I feel lighter—it’s a good feeling,’

The photos will be revealed at the Paramount Hotel in NYC this week.

Now where are the photos of her sister Vanessa, The “HOT” sister.