Heavy D

Rapper Heavy D Dead at Age 44, Death Under Investigation!

First Joe Frazier and now Heavy D!!  Not Heavy D!  He was only 44.

Dwight Arrington Myers was Heavy D’s real name.

TMZ reports that the culprit could possibly be Pneumonia.  They say that he just returned from shopping when he walking up the stairs he had some trouble breathing.  A designer who lives in the building found Heavy D leaning against the railing trying to catch his breath.

Heavy was like,

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”.

When the cops arrived, Heavy D was awake and talking.  When they got to the hospital, he was dead.   Just like that.  What a tragic ending for someone who gave us so much.

For my readers who don’t know who Heavy D is…..He was one of the biggest rappers of his time, both literally and figuratively.  He had classics.

He was Gold and Platinum Back to Back to Back

  • 1989 Big Tyme – Platinum
  • 1991 Peaceful Journey  – Platinum
  • 1993 Blue Funk  – Gold
  • 1994 Nuttin But Love – Platinum
  • 1997 Waterbed Hev  – Gold

The joints: Mr. Big Stuff , We got Our Own Thang, Gyrlz They Love Me…….

It just too much to list.  No only do the Gyrlz love you, we all Love you Heavy.



Now some videos are definitely in order.

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