Piers Morgan Leaves America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern to step in for $15 Million

America might have talent but the show no longer has Piers.  On his CNN talk show, Piers announced that he was done with the NBC show.

Basically he is given up the variety circus to concentrate on what he feels are more important matters such as the upcoming election.  To juggle both is a little bit harder than he expected.

“Turned out that juggling’s harder than it looks, so I’m going to focus on CNN,”

He basically thanked his supporting cast (Nick Cannon, Howie Mandell and Sharon Osbourne) and laughed about everyone being happy that he’s gone.

Before his CNN show, “Piers Morgan Tonight”  Piers did both “America’s Got Talent” as wells as the British version from 2007 to 2010.


Immediately after the announcement talks begin with Howard Stern.  Howard runs his radio show from New York so NBC is considering moving from the current LA location of the filming to NYC, which would cost the network an additional $10 million.

Piers Morgan also works from New York – so they would move for Howard but not Piers?  Simply…..Yes.  Howard would bring his enormous fan base and his brash humor but I’m not sure if that’s worthy of a $15 million dollar pay check.



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