500 lbs of Cocaine Found during Raid of a house owned by WBO Flyweight Champ Ivan Calderon

So that’s what $4 million dollars of cocaine looks like?  DAYUMMM.

That belongs to Ivan Calderon the former WBO light flyweight champion.  The boxer wasn’t at the residence when the Feds came in and raided the Humacao, Puerto Rico property.

Calderon released a statement saying that he didn’t know the drugs were there.  All 225 kilos!!  That’s about 500 lbs.    He said he has a number of investment properties and he wasn’t aware of the illegal activities that were taking place in this one.

That could actually be true.  Calderon has a clean reputation in the boxing industry .  He was a big deal until last year.  Calderon was unbeaten in his professional career until losing consecutive fights to Giovanni Segura in Aug. of 2010 and another one in April of this year.

The DEA was led to the drugs after busting a drug trafficking operation that was bringing cocaine into the US from the Dominican republic. Let’s see if the Champ can box his way out of this one.



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