George Michael Postpones concerts due to Pneumonia, his Condition is serious!

George Michael was all set to do shows in Strasbourg, Vienna, France and Wales when he became seriously ill.  He had to be rushed to the ER and cancelled his shows due to doctors’ orders.  Not only was he suffering from a sore throat but he also had inflammation of his respiratory system.

As usual rumors shot around the internet regarding his illness but it’s only been confirmed that he is suffering from pneumonia.  The rumors came by way of London’s Daily Star who reported that he was suffering from heart trouble as well.

George’s people released a statement stating that George Michael,

“is ill with pneumonia and any other speculation regarding his illness is unfounded and untrue.”

This concerns me.  In this business when a rumor is completely untrue, it doesn’t get addressed.  They would have normally just said that he has been confirmed with Pneumonia and ignored the rumors.

So we continue to dig….and dig….and we found out more.

He is in a Vienna hospital and due to the magic of the internet we get the scoop straight from a Vienna newspaper ( George Michaels’ condition did get worse and on Thursday he was moved to an ICU where there were cardiac specialists treating him around the clock.  He was fitted into a special full body bed that would help keep pressure off his lungs.

A hospital rep stated,

“We have no comment to make on this matter at the request of the patient.”

Now that they have addressed the rumors, we can’t ignore them.  George Michael’s is only 48, we hope that the ticker is still intact!!



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