Terrell Owens Proves he Can’t Pay his Bills, but he does get Paid to Tweet!

T.O. is going through hard times.  We knew things were bad for him during his show when he broke down crying in front of his mom, but there was hope then.  I personally thought for sure that some NFL team would pick him up.  But now the six time NFL Pro Bowler is down and it looks like he might be out.

He recently filed papers saying that he couldn’t pay for attorney fees for one of his baby mama’s.  In that filing he revealed how much he spent monthly and how much he got paid for tweeting.


T.O. still has a lot of marketing power.  He is tweeting for brands and getting P-A-I-D.

  • Cutters (Football Gloves): $2,800
  • Old Navy: $4,800
  • Fantapper (A facebook for sport fans): $6,400

He also earned $10,000 for promoting Yahoo Fantasy Football and $20,000 for promoting a Super Bowl Party.

I know what you are thinking, That’s an easy $44,000 bucks right there and he doesn’t even have to leave the house.  Not to mention his appearances on the show “Necessary Roughness”, his own T.O. Show, and his movie role.

Well the $44,000 won’t even cover one month of child support. His child support bills total $44,602 monthly and his personal average monthly spend is $82,178!!

That is crazy!  You wonder how can a guy have a spending habit like that?  He’s played in the NFL for 12 years averaging over 8 million dollars per year.  He’s made almost $100 million in the NFL alone, not including endorsements.   If he was only spending $82,000 a year back then, he could live for 1,195 years so him spending only $82K has to be quite a reduction in lifestyle.

At age 38 (as of Dec. this year), chances are slim for another NFL paycheck. Let’s hope at least VH1 picks him and “The T.O. Show” up for another season.