Best Buy Puts Out a Beats by Dre Commercial for the Limited Edition Beats Studio Colors [video]

Everybody is rockin’ those Beats by Dre headphones.  The funny part about it is, there’s been little to no press for them.  All people see is other people wearing these head phones with that B logo and it’s enough to get kids to plop down 3 bills for a pair.

With A new store for the headphones in Soho, and a holiday Best Buy campaign sales are about to be ridiculous. Best Buy put out a 30 second spot using the song “Me & You” by DJ Nero.  It’s reported that Dre worked closely with the director of the commercial and even makes a Buffed up – tight shirt – appearance.

The big deal are the Limited Edition Beats Studio Colors that they just released for a limited time.  Blue, Orange, Purple, Silver and Pink.  Of course you can get them at Best Buy but it’s going to run you about $299.

Who would have ever thought that we would be paying more for headphones then your iPod.  WTF!!

Here is the spot – simple and gets the job done.

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