Paris Hilton – FHM Cover February 2012 [photos]

FHM had the luxury of Paris Hilton gracing their February 2012 cover.  I say that tongue in cheek as I’m not really a huge fan.  If you are not a Kim K. fan then how can you possibly like Paris.  They are both talentless but at least Kim’s got curves and is slightly less obnoxious.

How so:

FHM: What if someone scratched your new car?

PARIS: Which one, the Lexus or the Ferrari?

You want more?

FHM: you don’t seem like the sort of person who would own a motorbike racing team.

PARIS: I’ve actually always been a huge tomboy. I love watching American Football games and I love watching MotoGP that’s why I brought my own team.

#$% Me!  I like watching Modern Family, that’s why I purchased ABC.  WTF!

At least there are more pics then interview, plus this is FHM, who reads those interviews anyway.