Paula Deen – B**h Helped America Get Diabetes and Now Gets Paid to help Medicate them [video]



I knew that Paula Deen was going to reveal today that she had type 2 diabetes. But I had no idea she had it for 3 YEARS!!!

You mean to tell me…your fat ass released three cook books full of recipes that would kill the healthiest of people while you, yourself had diabetes.  According to People, Paula’s doctors restricted her from fatty foods.

So now 3 years, an estimated 30 million dollars, and 3 full of fat cookbooks later she is on the Today Show to come clean, and only because she is endorsing medication.  Al Roker had the pleasure of interviewing her….I wish it was Barbara Walters.  She would have been peeled like an onion!!

She tries to get out of the whole food argument by saying that her genetics, lifestyle, age and stress play a part.  Yeah, a fat, old sedentary beyatch that eats like a trucker will result in type 2 diabetes.  She’s right.

I thought Anthony Beordain was harsh when he called her “the worst, most dangerous person to America”.  Even when I heard that she had diabetes last year I still was understanding, but to hear that she was diagnosed 3 years ago.


Now all of a sudden, the woman who taught America to make bacon egg and burger sandwiches (using doughnuts as the buns) says that she has always preached moderation.

She says on the Today Show with Al Roker,

Like I told Oprah, “Honey, I’m your cook, not your doctor,”‘ she said. ‘You have to be responsible.’

I’ve watch her enough, and never once heard her mention the word moderation.  If so someone send me the clip. I have the clip of her frying Cheesecake!!

To further the hypocrisy, she not only made money by helping Americans get diabetes, but she is now making money helping them live with it.  She is taking Victoz which is a daily, non insulin injection.  Something that she possibly wouldn’t have to take if she dieted right and exercised.

‘I am here today to let the world know that it is not a death sentence,



I’m mad because it’s like Michael Douglas selling cigarettes.  Think of the impact she would have made, if when she was diagnosed, she took responsibility for her millions of fans and promoted healthier cooking and living.  What if Paula Deen slimmed down and lost 90 lbs.  People would go crazy!  Instead of continuing to advocate this unhealthy lifestyle.  Just last year on the Today show she said that she could not live without butter or her deep fat fryer.

When you can reach millions, I hold you to a higher standard.  When you are a mother of two, diabetic and 64 years old, and can reach millions I hold you to an even higher standard.

You are excused for all the money made before your diagnosis, but the 30 million made after, I have one word for you….KARMA.

Here is the Today Show clip: