Kanye West – Video Emerges of 12 Year Old Kanye Giving an MLK Speech. [video]

Evan at the tender young age of 12, he was an Arrogant Ass.  Never before have I thought so little of someone but yet respected their genius so much. I have to give credit where it’s due, even at age 12, he took the mic with confidence and walked away with the swagger of a ball player….but if I went to his school, I would still take his lunch money. No I would have my little sister, take his lunch money.

…..Admittedly his lyrics back then were not too bad, actually quite good.  Here is the poem:

“A man who fought for freedom, a man who fought for equality
Those who were against him were too blind to see
This is what this man fighting for
So blacks, Jews, Spanish and Asians can put their foot in the door
Yes, we know that this man was great
That’s why his name we celebrate
And everyone lifts their voices and sing
For a man who let freedom ring
Martin Luther King is who I’m speaking of
A man who’s name means love.”

If he could just lay low and let some time pass between his douche-baggery and let his music speak for itself, he might when me over.  But of course, why would he care.  There’s already a couple of million people hanging from his short and curlies, I just wonder how many more fans could he have.

Enjoy the clip, yes that was only 1990.


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