Pink Berry’s Co-Founder Arrested at LAX For Assaulting a Homeless Man with a Tire Iron!

You would think someone who created a company called “PINK”berry would be somewhat of a soft-touch.  Not so much.  Meet Young Lee.  Dude looks like a member of the Triad in one of those Lethal Weapon movies.  He was arrested for opening up a can of Whoop-ass on a homeless man….with a tire iron…..for flashing him with a tattoo!!
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Did I mention the 47 year old Young Lee is a kickboxer?  Must have been one hell of a tatto!!

He just got arrested for the incident that actually occurred in June.  He was taken into custody in Los Angeles at LAX by the Fugitive Task Force.  There was a warrant issued and the authorities were notified when Lee was in the system as he returned back from Korea.


The homeless man allegedly approached Lee’s car asking for money.  He then flashed his tattoo at Lee.  It angered Lee so much he chased the guy down with his tire iron and beat him so badly it broke his arm.

Lee is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm.

He was identified because witnesses wrote down the license plate on the rented Range Rover.  They linked it back to Lee, and found the tire iron used in the vehicle.


Lee is no longer with Pinkberry but they felt the need to release a statement,

“While it would be inappropriate for us to speculate on the allegations in question, we can say without hesitation that Pinkberry values the communities we serve and stands against acts of violence of any kind, especially those involving the most vulnerable among us.”

Lee’s attorney, Philip Kent Cohen, said that Lee and the 5 passengers in his car felt threatened, and that the incident has been misrepresented in the media,

It’s inappropriate for the LAPD and D.A. to make their arguments in the press, As the evidence comes out, the reality will be much different than has been presented.  The victim made explicit threats as if he had a weapon,

All of the people in the car felt at risk and felt threatened,  All of this will be flushed out in court.


Pinkberry was the brainchild of Hye-kyung “Shelly” Hwang,  a USC graduate.  She partnered with Young Lee to start a healthy simple Yogurt.  It’s made with real milk and is only about 20 calories per ounce.  Lee was responsible for the design of Pinkberry, including it’s peach, green and blue colors.

Everything was made super simple.  There were originally two flavors, plain and green tea.  There is very little waste and you can get a new employee up to speed in about an hour.

Lee is a millionaire, no longer affiliated with Pinkberry – which is a good thing, because after the homeless man sues him, it would have been called “Homeless-Guy Berry”.

BTW – Lee is still in custody waiting for $600,000 in bail.


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