Ellen Challenges Michelle Obama to a Push Up Contest – The Two Battle it Out Side by Side [video]

Michelle Obama vs Ellen DeGeneres – who’s your money on for the most push ups??  Looking at the first lady’s guns, I would put my money on M.O. all day long.

Michelle says she works out about an hour and a half every day.  Ellen asks her if an hour of that was on her arms.  I agree, let’s face it, Michelle Obama has some guns.

Ellen challenges the first lady to do more pushups then her.  Michelle playfully says, it depends on your back because I know you have back issues. The crowd loves it.

The two decide to do push-ups side by side, while the crowd counts off.  They are doing full, men pushups.  Not the kind with their knees on the floor – full, body-extended push-ups.  Ellen at age 54 and Michelle Obama at age 48 – if you think about, it’s pretty amazing.  You wouldn’t see Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush or Hilary Clinton knockin’ down push ups on daytime TV.

Ellen stops at around 16 and Michelle powers through to 25 before stopping.  16 is pretty amazing for a woman, but a 54 year old woman?  I guess all that dancing has done wonders for Ellen’s strength.  Barack might be the one running the country, but with those guns, Michelle is running the White House!

Here’s the video below,

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