TV Anchor Kyle Dyer Gets Bit In the Face By a Dog – LIVE ON AIR. [VIDEO]

Scroll Down for Video (I self-hosted because youtube is removing them)

Holy cow.  You know it’s coming, but you just don’t know when.  let me add, she doesn’t just get bit by a dog, she gets bit by an Argentinian Mastiff. 

Size: Large
61 – 69 cm (24 – 27 inches)
Weight: 36 – 45 kg (80 – 100 lb)

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s what I classify as a B.A.D.  A “Big Ass Dog”.  The video isn’t gruesome or gory, but it’s scary!!

The dog was rescued after he fell into the Lakewood Lake while chasing a coyote.  The Dogs name is “GLADIATOR MAXIMUS’.   OMG!!

Tip: never put your face near a strange dogs face, they see your teeth and feel threatened – and attack!  Sounds like common sense, but Kyle Dyer didn’t get the memo.


It’s not clear from the video, how much damage is done..if any.  Well there was, and plenty.  Enough for Dyer to require reconstructive surgery on her lip.

KUSA news director Patti Dennis said Dyer is doing well,

“The dog bite accident that happened today at 9News was unfortunate and certainly not expected based on what we knew about the dog and his owner, Our goal was to unite the owner with the rescuer for a nice segment. We are all thinking of Kyle and her recovery.”

 Here is the video- if anything you will never, ever make that mistake after watching this.