Trailer Released for Whitney Houston’s Last Movie Sparkle [video]

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Here is a look at the movie “Sparkle”.  It was too punctuate Whitney’s comeback. It’s a remake of a 1976 musical.  It’s about sisters that form a singing group.  One sister turns to drugs and one eventually goes on to make it famous.  The original version starred Philip Michael Thomas and Irene Cara.  This version will star Jordin Sparks as Sparkle and Whitney was tapped to play her mom, Emma.  Whitney also learned her lesson about getting paid, she also executive produced this film.  (Dolly Parton and Kevin Costner made tons more money and still continue to earn from her hit “I Will Always Love You” as the author and producer of the track).

The new version of “Sparkle” has quite the line-up of stars, Mike Epps, Curtis Armstrong, Derek Luke, and even Cee-Lo Green.  The movie doesn’t release until late summer on August 17th.

Here is the trailer.

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