Is Jionni Cheating on Snooki? The ENQUIRER Says They Have Photos to Prove it.

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The Enquirer magazine says that they have pics of  Jionni with his ex!  Her name is Erica Wecksler.  There is a source running around saying that Jionni is not only still in touch with his ex but he’s been calling and texting her.

Statements from the source include,

“He’s engaged to Snooki but go­ing behind her back to contact Erica, calling and texting her, He’s cheating on Snooki.”

“Jionni and Erica have never officially ended their relationship and reportedly Erica is still a huge part of his life.”

“She re­cently told a friend, ‘We were seriously hooking up all sum­mer and Jionni considered me to be his girlfriend – not Snooki!’”


Gossip Cop was able to obtain a statement from Snooki’s rep that the stories were not true,

Snooki’s spokeswoman tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “The story is 100% false, ridiculous and deserves no other comment,” sniping that the Enquirer “should stick to reporting on alien sightings.”

How would Snooki’s rep know if the stories are true or not?  If they acquired pictures, Snooki wouldn’t know until the pictures would either be released or not released.  The Enquirer claims to have photos, that’s a claim that can be substantiated, and I can’t wait.

Follow me on twitter, and I will let you know when the pics are released.  I feel bad for Snooki, but I love the drama!


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