Trump Allows Transgendered Jenna Talackova to Compete in the Miss Universe Pagent, but She wants an Apology.

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Jenna Talackova, the transgendered beauty queen has now been cleared to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.  I still can’t believe it, but Donald Trump has reversed the decision.

Apparently the reversal wasn’t enough because Jenna hired attorney Gloria Allred! Gloria and Jenna set up a press conference where she publicly attacked the Donald Trump organization for how he handled the entire situation.  She specifically addresses Donald’s statement that Jenna could compete if she met

“the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada and the standards established by other international competitions.”

Jenna was not satisfied with being allowed to compete and was not happy with the wording,

“I am a woman. I was devastated .. I have never asked for any special consideration, I only wanted to compete. I saw the statement by Mr Trump’s representative and I found it quite confusing,

I wish Mr Trump would just say in plain words whether or not I would be allowed to compete and, if I win, whether I will be allowed to represent Canada in the Miss Universe competition.”

Gloria then added fuel to the fire, which she can do very, very well, Allred stated,

“She did not ask Mr Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man. Or to see the photos of his birth to view his anatomy to prove that he was male,”

Insulting Trump is not the best way to go because Trump has a way with words and can verbally go toe to toe with the best of them.  He decided to give Gloria a little taste.  Trump stated,

“I did not know that she had a lawyer and especially Gloria Allred.  In fact, had I known it was Gloria Allred, I probably would not have reversed my decision because, you know, Gloria is easy to beat.”

Trump proceeds to give Jenna some advice from Uncle Donald,

I think Jenna should focus on running up in Canada and seeing how she does in Canada and then, if she does well, she has a chance to become what many, many young women all over the world want to be and that’s Miss Universe.  That should be her focus.”

Donald also made it clear that he had no intention of apologizing,

“There will be no apology whatsoever,  If (Talackova) can compete that’s great. If she doesn’t want to compete because she doesn’t think she’ll win, that’s fine. I couldn’t care less.”

Donald then address Allred’s comments about his manhood,

“I think Gloria would be very, very impressed with me.”


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