Oscar De La Hoya Comes Out Victorious in Lawsuite Against Former Playboy Model Turned Prostitute.

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Oscar De La Hoya came out victorious, but not in the boxing ring.  He won his lawsuit against Angelica Cecora.

Angelica accused Oscar De La Hoya of sexually assaulting her while the two indulged in drugs and sex.  De La Hoya invited Angelica out to dinner and then up to his hotel room for sexual intercourse.  Sometime during the evening De La Hoya had drugs (cocaine and marijuana) delivered to the room and the two indulged.  At some point Cecora alleges that De La Hoya pressured her to call her roommate to join in the festivities and she complied.

The alleged battery occurred when Angelica was sleeping and De La Hoya attempted to wake her for intercourse.  When she refused, she claimed that the boxer forcefully tried to have sex

Angelica Marie Cecora & Attorney Tony Evans

The legal argument of what constituted battery came into question.  Oscar’s lawyer argued since Angelica was a prostitute, “touching of plaintiff, a prostitute, in the context of a night of sexual activity, cannot be deemed offensive.”

The Judge agreed with De La Hoya’s attorney  even saying that the law suit was a way to “harass or maliciously injure” De La Hoya.

Judge Wooten then fined Cecora and her lawyer $500 a piece and ordered Cecora to pay De la Hoya’s legal fees.  De La Hoya attorney estimates those fees to be approximately $20,000.

After the decision Del la Hoya tweeted , “VICTORY!!!”


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