Jennifer Lopez Buys Casper Smart a Brand New Truck For His 25th Birthday. SUGA-MAMMA!

Casper “Pretty Damn” Smart does it again.  I tell you, this guy is my new hero.  For his 25th birthday, his suga-mamma laced him with a new truck.


A customized white Dodge Ram Truck.  (Estimated Retail Value – $49K or J-Lo’s Chump Change).

People magazine reported that J-Lo,

“knew that Casper really wanted a truck, and Casper was very excited about the generous gift,”

Yeah, I’m sure he made it known to J-Lo.  Probably commenting on every truck that passed by.  “Boy it would be nice to have a customized White Truck…hint hint…”

Jennifer Lopez also planned a birthday dinner at Cecooni’s restaurant in West Hollywood.  People magazine reports that Reggie Bush, Benny Medina and Randy Jackson all joined them for dinner in a private dining room.

Jennifer Lopez then sent Casper some birthday tweets……Not sure if this is sweet, childish, or I’m just hating.  I think all of the above.

I tell you this guy might be the luckiest bastard in the world.  He better not screw this up.  J-Lo no need to marry him, you already have kids, just have your fun.

For some reason, I feel this relationship isn’t going to end well at all.


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