Yandy Smith Confirms Pregnancy While Rumors of her Baby’s Daddy Molesting a 15 Year Old Swirl the Internet.

Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy confirms the rumors that she is preggers by posting a picture on Instagram.  Along with the pic she tweeted,

“You wanted to know now you know!!!! #POW”

Actually she had no choice because she was scheduled to appear on 106 & Park today so the world was bound to find out anyway.


Not according to the internet.  The hustle-Diva’s reported baby’s father goes by the name of Mandisi.

There are reports all over the web calling the dude a child molester, however I can’t seem to find anything from a reputable source.  Nothing from the Post, Times, US Weekly or TMZ.


Mandisi can be seen in the background of this photo…..

As the story goes, Mandisi was living with his girlfriend and her daughter which he raised during the six years the couple was dating.  The girlfriend found text messages between the daughter and Mandisi which revealed that he was sleeping with the 15 year old girl.  The woman reportedly filed charges and Mandisi could be facing jail time.

Let’s for a second, overlook the fact that this “Mandisi” is being accused of being a child molester, what about the fact that he looks like a wannabe thug and hangs out in the Harlem projects.  You would think someone who hustles as hard as Yandy would be dating a better caliber of guy.  Really?  This might explain why Yandy is always in Jim and Chrissy’s business.  It appears Jim Jones is everything that Mandisi is not.  As we learned from last season Yandy handles her business, but when it comes to her heart, she’s a mess.

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