Teller From Penn & Teller is Suing another Magician for Stealing his Trick and Posting it On You Tube [video]

Teller is no joke.  He is going after the Dutch entertainer who goes by the name of Gerard Dogge.  Gerard is trying to sell the secret behind Teller’s magic trick called “Shadows”.


There is a vase of flowers in front of a white screen.  You can see the shadow of the flowers and the vase projected onto the white screen.  Teller then takes a knife, cuts the petals off the shadow and the actual petals fall of the flower.

This is one of Teller’s signature tricks.  He claims that he invented the trick when he was a teenager.

Dogge posted the trick on You Tube calling it “Rose & Her Shadow”.  He then offers to explain how the trick is done by offering $3,050 to anyone who will pay it.

Teller actually contacted You tube and had the video removed and then contacted Dogge himself and offered to pay him to stop doing the trick.  Dogge asked for more money, and Teller decided enough was enough and filed the lawsuit.


What Dogge might not have known was that in 1983 Teller had the “Shadows” trick copyrighted!!  The info from the actual copyright is shown here: A copyright prohibits anyone from profiting off of your information.

The complaint states that “Shadows” is the “the oldest, most venerated piece of material in Penn & Teller’s show”.  So far there had been no response from Dogge regarding the complaint.

Below is a clip of Teller performing the actual trick.

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