Guy Pulls a Kanye West on News Reporter | My WTF – Viral Video of The Day 24APR2012 [video]

This is indeed crazy!  23 year old Ashley Taylor was in the middle of giving a news report, ironically about crime when she was pushed away and this guy pulled a full on Kanye.  He grabbed the mike and said,

“I’ am that N**R!

He was all right.  And the cops were there to arrest him.  He was charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.  If he thought this was a funny prank I’m sure he’s re thinking,  if people who live near Myrtle beach need any further convincing that crime has risen, then think again.

Taylor’s report was detailing how the crime rates have affected business on Ocean Boulevard, after this video I don’t suspect Shoppers will be lining up to spend their money there.  Watch this clip,