The Voice Finalist Tony Lucca Finally Acknowledges Christina Aguilera’s Hate!

If you haven’t noticed Christina has been a super-b**ch to contestant Tony Lucca.  It’s to the point of pure ridiculousness.   After weeks of denying it to himself, Tony Lucca is finally coming to terms that Anguilera just wants to take him out of the competition.  After a wonderful performance to start the show off this week, the judges all had nothing but great things to say….and then Christina.  She flat out said that she would be rooting for Katrina (Parker) in the semifinals.  This left Lucca scratching his head in thought.  Lucca says,

I was just scratching my head like: ‘Really, you have to keep going on with this?’ All of the other coaches have been pretty respectful about each other’s choices. But now it seems like she’s just flat-out trying to get me out of here.

At first Lucca used the criticism as fuel for improvement but then it just become too, too much.

Christina came right out and basically said to Lucca you ain’t shzit.  That wasn’t her exact words, but close.  Parker did a rendition of  “Killing me Softly”. Yes it was good, perhaps even great but not great enough to crap all over Tony Lucca.  After her performance Christina continued to go after Lucca.  He had performed nearly 30 minutes ago and she was still poppin’ junk, talkin’ smack.   She says to Paker,

“I just encourage Adam to really look at you, I know that probably the obvious, predictable choice for Adam would be to be swayed towards [Lucca]. But I’m telling you, take a look at Katrina Parker because she’s a star.”

Translation: Lucca you ain’t shzit.

Lucca basically said that he was offended but realized that he and Levine had a brotherhood that protected him that brother hood saved his life.


When Lucca was asked if Christina’s hate stemmed from the Mickey Mouse Club days Lucca replied,

“Honestly I don’t know., There has been a web of friendships that have stemmed from that show. And at various times different falling outs and alliances. That’s all I can really ascertain.”


Adam Levin gave Tony 60 points which netted Katrina Parker only 40.  Adam said he had a brotherhood with Lucca and America pushed him right into the final four. The Final four reaming in the competition are:

  • Chris Mann (Team Christina)
  • Tony Lucca (Team Adam)
  • Jermaine Paul (Team Blake)
  • Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo)

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