The Voice Season 2 Winner, Jermaine Paul Gives Black People a Reality TV Moment We can Be Proud Of [video]

Yes I’m putting it out there and trust me Reality TV producers already know this.  Basically we identify with Reality TV contestants and typically they try to have enough diversity in the casting to touch everyone.  A Black person, an Asian person and a Gay person.  More often then not, you find yourself rooting for the one that you most identify with or hoping they don’t embarrass you or worse, reinforce some stereo type that you have been battling your whole life.  Please don’t be the nerdy Asian dude, or the Angry Black woman, or the lazy black guy.  A lot of times I find myself disappointed.

Well how about Jermaine Paul?  This man did his thing and gave us what I feel is a great moment in Reality TV.  After his epic rendition of R Kelly’s I believe I can fly he almost brought everyone to tears.  Last night, he and his family left not a dry eye in the house. After he won, he thanked everyone including God and even his mother in-law.  He then hugged his coach Blake Shelton, who he humbly referred to as coach during the entire process. Then he hugged the other judges and contestants, then Carson Daly tells him it’s time to sing.

As he begins to sing, his Dad arrives on stage and gives him a hug, along what appears to be his other family members and then his wife appears.  *sniff*   She grabs him and kisses him and just holds on, knowing exaclty what this entire moment means not only to him but their entire family.  He then holds her and continues to sing.  NOT A DRY EYE IN THE HOUSE!!

America – take notice.  Now we can have 100 black people screw up on TV, I’m ok with my Jermaine Paul moment and will be for awhile.

Don’t take my word for it, grab a tissue and watch for yourself.  (For the record….I never cried).