Lark Voorhies!! What The Hell Happened?? Say it Isn’t So!

What is going on!  I’m not sure why everyone is beating around the bush on this whole Lark Voorhies issue.  She was Lisa turtle from “Saved by the bell”.  Do you remember her?  You won’t from that picture because she used to look totally different.  She was my ideal girl.  Nice, smooth chocolate complexion, a nice mix of facial features.  The body was right and tight and her character was just beau-getto (pronounced boo-jzhetto) enough for me.  I was in love and in search of my perfect woman.  In fact she was my ideal perfect 10 until Clair Huxtable took over.

After Saved by the Bell she did an episode of Martin and then The Fresh Prince.  She still looked fan-tas-tic.  She did a bunch of other guests spots and then virtually disappeared.

In 1997 she was on the Keen Ivory Wayans short lived talk show and she looked PHENOMINAL. Hands down beautiful.  Now she pops up yesterday on Yahoo giving an interview and looked like Sammy Sousa’s twin sister.

Please explain to me WTF happened.  Honestly I think she is sick and it’s not being addressed.  Michael Yo is interviewing her in the Yahoo clip and his face is saying….WHAT THE HELL HAPPENNED!!

But his outward appearance is calm.  How come he didn’t address the drastic change in appearance?   Think it’s so noticeable that it’s a fair question.  How could it go unnoticed?   I’m distraught.  Somebody help me.  The world as I know it doesn’t make since.  Help me….Help me please.  Help me….Help me please!  Please tell me Kim Kardashian’s butt is still intact, Please tell me that Stacey Dash is still one of the hottest 46 year olds in the World.

Anyone know anything  about what she did, what she is sick from, or what the hell is going on please leave a comment.  Here are some video clips for  your comparison.

Here is her back in 1997 – FIYNNNNEE!

Here is her now…..”NO COMMENT”