Jessica Simpson Continues to Bank off Pregnancy, Launches a New Maternity Clothing Line

I just gave Jessica Simpson props for parlaying her pregnancy into an $800,000  photo deal for her baby photos and a rumored $4 million dollar price tag from weight watchers.  How about adding a maternity line of clothes to her already existing fashion empire.

Introducing Jesssica Simpson Maternity.  The line is set to be released this fall.  It’s being described as

“full of breezy, everyday pieces”

The line is aimed at young fashionable mothers who want to be style conscious or as described in the press release:

“aimed at the modern mom-to-be who wants to maintain her fashion edge throughout her pregnancy.”

Isn’t that every pregnant woman? If not, it ought to be.

Simpson plans to keep the fashion line high end.  No TJ max , No Marshalls no Target, Simpson has partnered with famed maternity retailer “Destination Maternity” which will carry the line along with  Motherhood Maternity and Macy’s.  Simpson is definitely excited to be paired with a staple in the industry,

“I’m so excited to partner with Destination Maternity to design a collection of fashionable styles that make you look and feel great!

You want to wear clothes that are flattering to your baby bump; you want to show your bump off.”

The billion dollar question is, how much does she make on her total clothing line?  It’s really hard to estimate but Forbes helped to set the record straight at the end of 2010 after there were reports that she was sitting at the helm of a nearly $1 million dollar empire.  Not true.  Although her sales are nearing $1 Billion she sold the master license to her clothing brand to Camuto Group in 2005 for $15 million.  She gets royalties but estimates of $750 million in sales netted her $20 million.  So to put it in layman’s terms, she is getting a royalty of approx. 2.6% or 2.6 cents for every dollar that is sold with her name attached.  Not too shabby!!


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