Smash Reboots for Season two, Four Characters Leaving, and 5 More Episodes will be Added.

Now that the future of the show is solidified, Smash has some big changes in the upcoming season.  Originally two characters were set to leave the show, now it has been extended to 4!

I hate gossip sites where you’re forced to read through a bunch of crap to get to the skinny.  Here it is raw – then  you can read the rest of the crap if you want.


  • Raza Jaffrey – Dev
  • Jaime Cepero – Ellis
  • Brian d’Arcy James – Frank
  • Will Chase – Michael Swift

Raza Jaffery’s character Dev is gone along with Jaime Cepero’s very hated, conniving  Ellis.  Both will not be regulars next season although there might be an appearance or two to clean up some loose ends.  It appears that the show’s producers were actually receptive to viewer’s complaints about the characters!

Dev and Ellis both pissed off fans of the show.  Many fans actually thought the show would be better off without both of these storylines.  Dev’s cheating on Karen and Ellis’ sneaky plotting schemes left weekly Smash fans enraged.

When Ellis is fired after admitting that he put peanuts in the smoothie it was one of the highlights of the Season.

“So don’t ever call me an assistant ever again. I am a producer, You have not seen the last of me,”

Well it appears that we have.


Although the finale left you to believe that Julia and Michael would be back at it, Julia is actually losing both of her bed buddies.  Brian d’Arcy James who plays Julia’s husband Frank is gone as well as Will Chase who plays Michael.  I’m not sure what they will do now with Debra Messing’s character without her love interest(s).

Now that Smash is a success the new season will be a full 18 episodes.  It will focus more on the music and the creative process after it’s criticisms of over simplifying how a Broadway show is actually put together.

Actor Christian Borle, who plays Broadway composer Tom Levitt stated in an interview,

“What I think is going to happen with Season 2 is that it’s actually going to delve more into the process of the creation and what the writing partnership is, the nuts and bolts of that room, We looked at it briefly in Season 1 but didn’t really; it was kind of, in a way, a shorthand to get us to the next event.”

“What’s true about Season 2 is that there’s still a core group of people who … love the theater and want to continue to talk about it as honestly and as truly as possible. But the mechanics are going to change. We shall see if it’s for the better.”

Now with even bigger expectations let’s see if Smash can live up to the hype all over again!

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