Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart set to Have Their Own Reality Show!

Blame this on Forbes.  Do you see what happens when you vote someone to the top of your celebrity power 100 list?  They do dumb sh**T like this.  Did she already forget Gigli?  (Not sure if I spelled it right, but it was so awful it deserves to be spelled wrong!).

I think Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg said it best, Jennifer Lopez is fantastic in every way (he didn’t say that part) but when it comes to her love life she is “like a douch-ie 16 year old”.  That’s the part he said.   I agree 110%.  This whole thing with Casper Smart is the most annoying thing ever, and now that annoyance is going to be broadcast on TV for all to see.

Rumor has it that Lopez has sold a reality show to Oxygen that will feature the business side of Casper and her relationship.  I’m sure Marc Anthony is going to love this.  Get ready for a fight; he will most certainly protest his children being seen on his show.  The last thing he wants to see is is beloved twins being fathered by Casper Dumb!

According to the New York Post the show will focus on watching Casper prepare dancers for J-lo’s post American Idol tour.  We get the pleasure of watching this cocky basterd as

 “he whips her other backup dancers into shape for the tour,”

The tour will kick off July 14 in Montreal, Canada.

J-Lo is still deciding if she is going to stay with Idol despite rumors that she is leaving.  Filming of this reality show is not expected to interfere or influence that decision.

The sad part is, I will probably watch it.  At least the first 2 or 3 episodes.  Who doesn’t like watching a good train wreck?

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