Lady Gaga Shows Cultural Insensitivity Again by Tweeting about Wanting to Get a Bootleg Rolex in Thailand

Lady Gaga might be loved all around the world but she managed to piss off a large part of the population with just 24 characters.

She’s in the middle of her “Born This Way Ball” tour, working through Asia when she sent out a tweet to her 24 million-plus followers.  The tweet put many people in Thailand in an uproar!

After she arrived via private jet in Thailand, Gaga hit her twitter (like we all do when we get off our private Gulfstreams) and she tweeted,

‘I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex.’

Hmm…..Lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex.  Forget about the great food, tourist attractions, and culture, she’s excited about the “lady market and fake Rolex”.  Who is she? Me? That’s what I would say.  The difference is I have 24 followers not 24 million, and I don’t have millions and millions of dollars.

Not cool.  Despite the well known black markets of these Asian countries they are a people and culture built on pride and to have their dirty laundry put out there like that caused quite the outrage.

The tweet responses started to pour in, DJ Surahit Siamwall who planned to go to the concert has now decided to boycott it.  He tweeted,

‘We are more civilized than you think,’

The other screw up on Gaga’s part is the lady market comment.  The Lady market is actually in Hong Kong and it’s also a place where knock offs are sold.

She created a similar cultural blunder back on April 30th after taking a spin class in Hong Kong,

‘I love this city, You can work out & buy a fake Birkin on the same street.’

Has she ever been to Fordham Road, in the City? You can take a spin class, buy a knock off and watch a movie that’s not due out until 2015 all on the same street!

Not all Thai fans objected to the off-color comment. A screaming mob of gracious lil Monsters greeted Lady Gaga at the airport. Crowds thronged her 5-star hotel, where she signed autographs and hugged one female fan who left in tears.  (Gimme a freakin break).

At the Rajamangala stadium people were camped out for days at the chance of winning the opportunity to meet Gaga in person.


A Thai fan by the name of Nont Armarttasn sarcastically noted on his Facebook page.

‘Welcome to the land of counterfeit products, love,’ he said. ‘I’m sure there are plenty of fake Gaga CDs, too.’

That might be the best comment of them all.  Simple, yet sarcastically makes a very good point.  Gaga you are an international superstar who has made over $140 million dollars in the last 2 years and you are looking for  knock offs?  What if we all decided to buy knock off Gaga CD’s. & Bootleg Gaga merchandise?

These are the things that annoy me the most about the Gaga’s and the Nicki Minaj’s and Oprah’s for that matter.  They attempt to come off like regular people but instead come off like frauds.  There is no need to post these asinine statements in attempts to convince us that you are just like us.  You are not.  Maybe you are trying to convince yourselves you are.  This is seen typically with women celebrities, because women like to normalize celebrities and live vicariously through them.  The more they can be like their fans, the more fans they can attract.  My theory is that’s one of the main reasons why Oprah keeping the weight off would have hurt her career.  The truth of the matter is, these celebs are so larger then life at the end of the day, it won’t hurt her enough to even notice.

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