Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis Team up for the movie “Flight” [trailer]

The trailer for Denzel’s newest movie is out and it looks good.   Damn Good!  It’s a little action and all drama.  This is when we see Denzel at his best.

Washington plays a pilot who goes Sully Sullenberger style and saves the lives of  100 passengers when his plane breaks apart mid-flight.  Unlike Sully he is injured and taken to the hospital where they find out that he has alcohol in his system.  Was this the reason for the crash? If you caused the very incident that you saved everyone from, are you still a hero?

This is a Robert Zemeckis film so you know the plane crash is going to be off the chain.  Zemeckis did Cast Away which had an awesome plane crash, so he has experience in this department.  Alongside Denzel is Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo and John Goodman.  Cheadle and Denzel = INTENSE!  When you see Goodman you just can’t help but smile right away (He will always be Dan from Roseanne to most of us).  Putting super hero’s aside, this might be one of the biggest movies for 2012 (until Gatsby comes out).  There is nothing like an original script and some acting to make you want to go to the movies.

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