Former New York Times Magazine Author Calls Hillary Clinton FAT!!

Author Ed Klein is starting to take a little heat regarding comments that he made about Hillary Clinton, including caller her “overweight”.

During an interview with Fox News, Klein told Brian Kilmeade that Hillary might be planning to run for president in 2016, but there are some concerns and not just political.  There are health and weight issues that should be addressed. first.  Klein says,

At this very moment that we’re speaking right now, Brian, [the Clintons] are already thinking seriously about running in 2016, She’ll be 69 years old. And as you know — and I don’t want to sound anti-feminist here — but she’s not looking good these days. She’s looking overweight, and she’s looking very tired.  I think she’s going to take some time off, get back into shape. And if her health holds out– that’s a big if, of course — if her health holds out, there’s no question in my mind she and Bill — two for the price of one — will run in 2016.”

Ouch!  Critics are saying that Hillary should be judged based on her success as a lawyer, senator and secretary of state, not judged on issues beyond her professional policies.  In the past Chris Christie has taken some abuse for his weight but this is the first time that I can honestly recall a female politician being called out.  Yes she put on some “L” “B”’s  but not really that much.

The sad truth….Klein is right.  If Clinton really wants to run in 2016 and wants to win, she’s going to have to appear healthy and that might entail her shredding about 10lbs.  I’m not saying its fair, but those are the rules of society, you either choose to play to win, play for fun, or opt out.  It’s up to you.  But if you want the public to choose you for anything, the better you appear physically, the better chance you have of winning.

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