Robin Roberts Reveals She has MDS – Myelodyplastic Syndrome, A Rare Blood & Bone Marrow Disease

The ever cheerful Robin Roberts reported today that she was battling a rare blood disorder.  In a very dramatic, heartfelt newscast today she told the world that she was battling “MDS – myelodyplastic syndrome”.

The 51 year old reporter has beat breast cancer before and she told her fans and millions of viewers that she would beat this as well,

“Bottom line: I am going to beat this. My doctors say it and my faith says it to me.”

The illness affects bone marrow and she will be needing a transplant.  It’s very difficult to find a match especially for black women so she was extremely fortunate that her sister was a perfect match….and that her sister was willing to do it  She made the announcement today because she will start drug treatments necessary before the bone marrow transplant operation.

She explained,

“I didn’t want you to be concerned if you see a bandage tomorrow,”

“I will be given drugs … for a period of time … to prepare me for a bone marrow transplant.”

Roberts said that she has known about the illness for some time but has continued to work and will continue to work.  Ben Sherwood the president of the network has Robins’ back 100%.  He referred to her as captain of their team and said that they would stand

 “arm in arm with her as she fights this new battle”

Robin Roberts is one on air personality that I, believe it or not, have one negative thing to say about. She’s always professional, always knowledgeable about her subject matter and remains incredibly humble.  She will beat this, and live to share her story because that’s her calling.

Take nothing for granted people…..nothing.  Here is Robin making the announcement this morning:

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