Aubrey O’Day Declared Clinically “Mental” so her Dogs Can Fly With Her First Class.

This is the stuff that drives me nuts and exactly why I hate Aubrey O’Day.   She is just a spoiled rich brat – that’s not even that rich.  Aubrey, add me on your mounting list of haters, right behind Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken.

Just so she can bring her dogs on the plane in first class she had a doctor write her a note stating that she is mentally ill.  According to Virgin America airlines if your pets are registered as Emotional Support Animals then they can stay on the actual plane in the seats with you.  The  Virgin America website states if you have a letter from  a licensed mental health professional you are good to go.  Fido can come out the cage and fly right there in the seat and apparently eat food from the same trays as other passengers.

That is exactly what Aubrey did.  She had a doctor’s note that stated her as having a mental disability.  I agree!  That beyatch is crazy!  If you told her however that she was mentally disabled, she would be the first person to tell you that you were just jealous.

Her dogs, Ginger and Marryanne not only sat in first class seats but also ate first class food.  How do I know?  Because she shared the pictures online via twitter.

After she posted the pics she tweeted,

‘I want my dogs to have the best life possible…so I show them the world!’

‘Giving my lil man a geography lesson in the sky… I expect the best from my kids!’

Are you serious?  I can’t wait until her flame is completely snuffed out.  It’s about ¾ of the way there.  She better thank Donald Trump for resuscitating what was left of her fame.  Diddy was right kicking her out of Danity Kane.  She is a lot of work with very little payback in return.


I guess the only positive is that the Virgin Airlines Steward said that she was nice, telling TMZ that Aubrey was,

incredibly sweet and polite’ and ‘nothing short of a great guest.’

Of course Aubrey retweeted the TMZ story – “self promotion” at it’s best.  J

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