Justin Bieber Hangs up on MojO

Justin Bieber Gets Compared to Justin Timberlake during Mojo Interview and Hangs up the phone.

During an interview with 95.5’s MOJO things didn’t go to well for The Bieb. He couldn’t handle the conversation. It appears that he might have some anger issues he needs to deal with.

MOJO starts the interview by telling Bieber that he thought about Justin Timberlake when he heard the song “boyfriend (as did everyone else who first heard the track). Although it was meant as a compliment, TheBieb didn’t take it as such. Not flattered at all an angry Bieber replied,

“Our voices sound nothing alike,”

Now that The Bieb was rattled Thomas MOJO Carballo goes for the kill.

Here is how the call went:

MOJO: I saw that you have established a bit of a friendship with the guys from One Direction.
BIEBER: I mean, yeah, definitely, somewhat, they were in town a little while ago and they came over and stuff, yeah, they’re good kids.
MOJO: Do you worry about Harry, uh, you know, when he’s around your mom, because it seems like he likes older women?
BIEBER: Do I wonder what?
MOJO: Do you worry about Harry around your mom since he likes older women?
BIEBER: I think you should worry about me with your mom, bro.
MOJO: Around my mom?
MOJO: Justin, my mom’s dead, so unfortunately that wouldn’t work.
MOJO: Hey, this is the moment where the interview goes south.
The radio show originally had the clip on their site but was asked by Justin’s camp to remove it. They graciously replied but not before it could get up on youtube. Here is the clip for however long Youtube will keep it up.

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