Nicki Minaj Claims a TSA Agent Fondled Her, Probably Wanted to Inspect the Junk in Her Trunk!

Nicki Minaj joins the list of overly inspected air plane passengers that have recently fondled by the TSA.  Nicki was on her way back from the Philippines after hitting up the UK and France when she was violated.   After she got ‘touched’, Minaj took to twitter to express her outrage,

“Pretty sure I was just overtly fondled @ this check point. By a very old lady w/an accent. Word?”

Nicki then posted a flick of the TSA agent with her back turned.  Apparently while taking that picture, she was reprimanded for it because another tweet was blasted out,

“So TSA always takes pics of me while doing their job! But wld u believe they just told ME EYE couldn’t take pics????”

“Wow. #luckyIMsick.”

I’m sure the TSA agent just wanted to inspect all of that junk she was carrying in her trunk.


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