Jason Kidd Arrested for DWI. This Might Force Knicks to Counter Ridiculous Offer to Jeremy Lin!

Jason Kidd is certainly living up to his name.  Super early Sunday morning just before 2:00 AM the new Knick was arrested for a DWI.  He crashed his 2010 Escalade in an accident that happened close to his house in the Hamptons.

The good news is that he nor anyone else were seriously injured.  At age 39, he just signed a 3 year deal with the Knicks for $9.5 million dollars.  Not only did he jeopardize that but also the lives of everyone else on the road.  When TMZ first reported the incident they described Kidd as “Incredibly drunk”.  He hit a pole and veered into the woods.

Kidd was reportedly at a benefit held at a private Hampton’s estate hosted by NeYo to honor George Lucas.  After the event they went to the chi-chi SL East club.  They say that he was partying so much that he was literally hanging from a light fixture before it broke and had to be carried out of a local Hamptons night club.  They also say that friends tried to stop him from getting behind the wheel but he insisted and left alone.

TVST => Friends really don’t let friends drink and drive.  Seriously. Here’s a tip, when a guy is that drunk, get the car keys and then pretend to lose them.  They can’t get mad at an accident.  Then promise to come back in the morning and help them find it.  Works everytime. The alternative is what we have here….or worse. 

After Kidd was treated for his injuries at Southampton Hospital he was arraigned on a misdemeanor DWI.

These legal issues might actually force the Knicks to match, what Carmelo Anthony referred to as a “Ridiculous Offer” from the Rockets for Jeremy Lin, and I agree.  However in light of this recent situation and impending legal troubles that will haunt Kidd in the upcoming months, the Knicks should just blow the salary cap and keep Lin.  I realize that he’s an unproven, over rated expense, but he is also an International Superstar and should put some asses in the seats.  At least until they can figure something else out.


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