Ralph Lauren Finally Responds To The Olympic Controversy…about Time!

Ralph Lauren finally spoke up against the Olympic controversy that has been brewing since last week.

The jig was up when the media got wind that the US Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms were actually made in China!


I completely understand and appreciate the need for outsourcing.  In fact, this isn’t even me writing this, I’m from New Delhi, outsourced to run this blog (just kidding). However it’s a business decision but it should also be leveraged by strategically showing how it can help the American economy.  If it can’t help the American Economy, then it should be restructured that it does some how.  The more successful your brand, the more responsible you are – especially if you are making the US Olympic Team uniforms.  In case you are going to rant and rave about how everything is made in China – I get it.  Like I said, I totally understand outsourcing but when you look at the cost of the uniforms, he could and should have made an exception.



Beret – $55
Tie – $125
Belt – $85
Shirt – $425
Blazer – $795
Trousers – $295
Shoes – $165

Beret – $55
Scarf – $58
Belt – $85
Shirt – $179
Skirt – $498
Blazer – $598

The men’s outfit is $1945.  I never wore a $2000 outfit in my life.

Well Ralph new he “F” ed up.  He either waited the weekend to respond to align his publicist and organize a clear concise response strategy or he’s just getting back from the Bahamas on his yacht. Either way he prepared a statement,

“For more than 45 years Ralph Lauren has built a brand that embodies the best of American quality and design rooted in the rich heritage of our country. We are honored to continue our longstanding relationship with the United States Olympic Committee in the 2014 Olympic Games by serving as an Official Outfitter of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams. Ralph Lauren promises to lead the conversation within our industry and our government addressing the issue of increasing manufacturing in the United States and has committed to producing the Opening and Closing ceremony Team USA uniforms in the United States that will be worn for the 2014 Olympic Games.”

Hmmm….So basically they will get it right in 2014. They will produce the clothes in China and put some “made in the USA” tags in them.  The guy who forgot to do that this year has been fired.  Now we just have to make the outfits look American.  What’s with this French look??  As a fan of RL, I kind of dig the style but I can do without the berets.

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