Ramona Parker aka Ms. Melodie of Boogie Down Productions has Died

KRS one Red Alert Ms Melodie

Yes I know she’s old school, but Daym!  That’s Ms. Melodie.  For those who don’t know she was once married to the legendary KRS One who was one of the founding members of Boogie Down Productions.


UPDATE: JULY 19, 2015

There is no cause of death listed anywhere online.  I googled, “Ms Melodie cause of death”, “Ms Melodie coroner reports” you name it, I searched for it.  I can’t find it.  If someone has a link, please leave it in the comment section.  

By main stream media standards, she was actually not really known for much more than being KRS-One’s ex wife and perhaps her verse in the classic hit “Self Destruction”.  She was like the first lady in Hip Hop back when KRS-One had the game on lock.  Seriously, KRS-One used to be in every discussion as the best rapper alive, which would make Ms. Melodie perhaps “Beyonce”.

In 1988 she released her first single, “Hype According to Ms. Melodie” and she actually released an entire album produced by her the husband entitled “Diva”.  That all led to her “Self Destruction” verse and then later another infamous verse with Queen Latifah on “Ladies First”.

You have to remember, this was a time where there were only a few studios, only a few albums being dropped an even fewer female artists.  Each cameo and each verse was groundbreaking.


Hip Hop legend D-Nice, who is now a photographer and a world renown DJ had a conversation with Ms. Melodie only a few weeks ago, theurbandaily reports that D-Nice said,

“I had a pleasant conversation w/ Ms. Melodie a month ago. The last thing she said me to me was “I’m proud of you.” The love we all had for each other was genuine. Along the way, some of us lost focus. The love in my heart remained. Scott La Rock, KRS-One, D-Nice, Ms Melodie, & the rest of the BDP crew will always be a part of hip-hip history.”

Ms. Melodie is survived by her two sons.  Rest in peace Ms. Melodie and condolences to the Parker family.

We will fill this in when more news comes.  Right now there is no cause of her death being cited or how she was found.