Dane Cook’s Aurora,Colorado Shooting Joke….Is It Too Early?? [Video]

If you are asking my opinion, I think it’s close.  Someone has to be first.  Some comic has to be the first one to tweet out a joke, or say something that is going to get people all charged up.  That’s what comics do.  My only gripe is, that if it’s going to be you who upsets the nation with a joke, “MAKE SURE IT’S FUNNY”.

Thursday night Dane Cook was at the Laugh Factory in Los Angles and he decided to be the first one to make a joke, about a tragic incident that took 12 innocent lives and ruined countless others.  THIS BETTER BE FUNNY.  In fact, I’m not going to type it out, I’m going to let you listen to it below.  Tell me what you think….was it too early? Was that funny enough to be the first one about the incident?  Did you even laugh?

I thought it was close…but not funny enough.  Either a funnier joke or wait another week.

What say you?
If Video Doesn’t play – Click here for the joke!


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