Jay-Z and Duracell Team Up for New Ad for the Duracell Powermat. [video]

Usually if Jay-Z or Beyoncé fart loud it’s all over the internet before the smell hits the air.  For some reason I hadn’t heard much about this Duracell commercial or Jay’s deal with Duracell.  The ad spot is specifically for Duracell’s new Powermat.

Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna’s song “Run this Town” is playing in the background while we follow a day in the life a young New Yorker played by Michael Galante.  (Everyone was wondering who that was in the commercial)

TVST => Galante’s nationality is Filipino and Italian and if he gets his ‘ish together he can make a name for himself and a lot of money.  He’s got a look that should be capitalized on.

…continuing on…. we are following Galante through his day while watching his I-phone battery stay charged at 100% because he is using the Powermat while everyone else around him is struggling to stay powered up.   Galante is at work, at dinner and then hits the club with his power bars on high.  Finally at the end of what it appears to be a Friday night, Galante hits the club with friends and puts his Iphone down on the table next to one that looks just like his.  When one of the phones rings, he picks it up and it says “B” is calling.  He thinks it’s his phone but can’t figure out who “B” is.  It turns out, it’s Beyonce. Then you see a hand gesturing for him to hand the phone over.

The hand belongs to Jay Z.  Galante had  a nice little city flow going until then – Jay-Z’s flow just kills it.  He gives Galante a look and then walks off answering the phone.

This is part of Jay-Z’s partnership with Duracell.  He is the new spokesperson for the Powermat and an investor in Duracell.  During his announcement of the partnership Hov said,

 “I believe in the future of wireless energy and I believe that Duracell Powermat is the company to bring on the revolution, I’m partnering with Duracell Powermat because they’re providing the solutions for the future.”

Here is the commercial.  Kinda hot for a stodgy old brand like Duracell.


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