Huge Obama Head Makes an Appearance at Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival

President Obama won the first election by shocking and awing voters, using twitter and social media and out maneuvering his opponents to appeal to the younger, hipper, more open minded generation.  Four years later, he is trying to do it again.  This time, his job will be much harder.  The first time, republicans didn’t see it coming, this time they had four years to prepare.

Right before the festival’s organizer, Jay-Z, blessed the crowd with his performance, a huge Obama head made an appearance on the massive screens.  You can hear a few boos in the audience that were quickly over run with cheers.  Obama addressed the crowd, not with an anti-Romney message, but with a “get out and vote” message.


He doesn’t need to convince this audience to vote for him.  Statistics and polls say that he has this vote already, if they actually vote.  He won the under 30 vote last election out playing his opponent 2-1.  So his message was simple.  Vote. The big talking Obama head said,

“no matter your party, you should vote this fall”

The crowd chanted USA, USA….and then Jay-Z took the stage.

 Much better then talking to an empty chair.  Well played POTUS, well played indeed.  I wonder what he has in store for the Democratic National Convention this week, prepare to be shocked and awed.


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