Freddie Combs and his wife Kay

Super Fat Wheelchair Bound Minister Freddie Combs wow’s Simon Cowell on the X-Factor

The X-factor is pulling out all the stops this season. How about a 40 Year old minister that is so fat, that he can’t even get out of his wheel chair.  Freddie Combs used to weigh 920 lbs and has recently lost over 400 lbs, but he is still bound to his wheel chair.  For his audition, he needed several stage hands to lift his 540 lbs body and wheel chair to the stage, and then he was wheeled to the center by his

As I watched this on TV, all I was thinking was,

“with the long drawn out back story, the emotional investment and the build up, the boy better be able to sing”.

Let’s just say, he shocked the judges earning him 4 “Yeses”. Simon Cowell presented Freddie with the challenge of continuing to lose weight so he can eventually perform standing up.  I say Fat-Chance of that happening , but at least the boy can sing.

Now I Bring You – Freddie Combs.


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