Watch Tom Hanks Drops the F-Bomb During a Live “Good Morning America” Broadcast

The squeaky clean Tom Hanks has managed to increase his street cred.  The family friendly actor was on “Good Morning America” to promote his new movie “Cloud Atlas”.  Elizabeth Vargas was interviewing Hanks when she asked him to replicate the British accent that he used as a character in the film.  After warning her that everything that comes out of that characters mouth is somewhat vulgar, she says if it’s in the British accent that no one would mind.

Hanks gives in, but mistakenly while delivering the line drops the f-bomb.  Both Hanks and Vargas are shocked, Hanks grabs his mouth and they both apologize.  Vargas the apologetically tells the audience,

“We are SO sorry, ‘Good Morning America’ “

Hanks also offers a quick apology,

“I have never done that before, I would apologize to the kids of America.”

Finally ABC also released a formal apology to complete the super sorry trifecta,

“This morning Tom Hanks accidentally used an expletive during a live interview on ‘GMA’ with Elizabeth Vargas. They both immediately apologized on air, and the show was corrected for the all subsequent feeds.”

Honestly I can’t even tell he cursed.  I had to play the video 3 times and by the third time, I really didn’t care.  If he didn’t grab is his mouth I wouldn’t have even realized it happened.

I now bring you – “Hardcore Hanks Drops the F*bomb”


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